Catching Up

Braces and wallets.jpg

As of late, we've been so busy working on bags that we were a little backed up on smaller projects. First order of business was repaying some favors.  In appreciation for help sourcing 1930's Cone Mills Denim for The Anchor, we made leather braces for the owners of a vintage denim company in Ohio. Pairing contemporary leather, vintage horse bridle hardware, and 1930's Cone denim turned out to be a great mashup.

Following completion of the braces we had several wallets to finish up.  Our previously released Gazette wallet is designed for the journalist; having had requests for a simpler design, we are officially releasing The Daily.  The style of this wallet is slightly smaller with additional card pockets and an extra cash pocket. With this wallet folks will also have the opportunity to customize their wallet thread color and liner material.   

This week is shaping up to be busy as we have meetings for the design of 3 new bags.  One of which involves a benefit auction in Kansas City that we are VERY excited to be a part of.  All of of these on top of transitioning to a new studio space.  Feels good to be busy.     

-Ryan & Tiffany