Moving the HQ

It's official...the headquarters of Bailey&Watkins is moving!  We are so proud to announce that we have purchased, and are in the process of renovating, what was once The Dixie Theatre in Odessa, MO.  This wonderful building was built, from our best information to date, somewhere just prior to the turn of the century.  It began its life as a theatre house and was transitioned to a movie theatre when 'moving pictures' came into vogue.  The amazing part is that much of the original theatre architecture remains within the interior of the building.

Our grand idea is to finish the frontage into studio/store/event space and to finish the rear portion into living quarters.  We plan to journal our renovation journey right here on the site, complete with pictures and maybe even a few DIY tutorials.  For a brief introduction to the building, here are some photos of the building as it looked on the day we signed the papers to make it ours.