We were approached in mid 2015 to design and build a pair of bags that would be the epitomy of the modern man's carryall. The design order was simple, a place for everything and everything in its place. In total each bag would have custom built spaces for a number of items including flask, smoking pipe, handgun/accessories, knife, cell phone, laptop, business cards, and Zippo...the necessities.  The only kicker? these items would need to be concealed yet accessible and the bag itself needed to have a modern yet classic appeal.

in the end we'll just let the pictures speak for themselves; but Suffice to say, the owners were quite pleased with the result.  Never again will they long for that one piece of gear that had to be left at home.


Shell Leather: Oil Tanned Cowhide

Strapping leather: Oil Tanned cowhide and Horween Black Horsefront

Hardware:    Solid brass hardware

Construction: Handsewn with waxed thread, solid Brass rivets and snaps

*All photos by Valerie Ouderkirk of Kathryn & Co. Photography (

Miles Between

Miles Between  represents a bit of a departure from our standard legacy carryall. Created from an exquisite double bend of water buffalo it demonstrates just how custom custom can be...all while retaining a subtle nod to its heritage.

The base concept for this carryall was one of pure function. Built for the traveling solo musician, the external of the bag was designed to zip open completely to provide unencumbered access to its contents.  After several design discussions regarding the gear that would be carried, we devised a removable 'card' system that would allow the owner an opportunity to further customize the bag in the future should the need arrise. its current interior has built in mounting points for cords, tuner, DI box, extra strings, wire cutters, picks, and even 9 volt batteries. In short, everything the singer songwriter would need in a compact and organized case.

While function is at the heart of this carryall; the bonds of a father and a son are truly the genesis of this bag. Its name, Miles Between, signifies not only the title of song written for a father, but also the indelible mark that parents leave on their children for all the miles of their lives. In homage to the man who instilled the love and appreciation of music that made this bag possible, we utilized one of his heirloom bandanas as a liner to allow a bit his memory to travel  everywhere this carryall will go.

Whether it be the miles between gigs or the miles within our memories, one thing is've got to know where you came from to know where to go.



Shell Leather: Chrome and Vegetable Tanned Water Buffalo

Strapping leather: Black Vegetable Tanned Water Buffalo and Horween Black Horsefront

Hardware: Vintage solid brass hardware salvaged from 1920's era horse bridle

Construction: Handsewn with waxed thread, solid Brass rivets and snaps

*All photos by Valerie Ouderkirk of Kathryn & Co. Photography (


The Auxiliary 

Early in 2014 we donated the build of one of our Legacy Carryalls to the Warrensburg Main street Organization for their annual fundraising Auction.  For those who aren't familiar, the Missouri Mainstreet Connection is a wonderful organization which seeks to assist in preserving and revitalizing historic Business Districts in Missouri.  As memories and history are at the center of what we do, donating one of our carryalls seemed a wonderful match to support this great organization. After several design meetings with the winning bidder, Rhonda Gelbach, we formally came up with a drawing and concept for The Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary uses the importance and influence of relationship as its conceptual foundation. The bag front has eight stitch lines emanating from a single heirloom cameo that represent the eight most influential women in Rhonda's life. The back side has four stitch lines delineating from an antique mother of Pearl brooch representing the lives that Rhonda herself has most influenced, her four children.

The interior of The Auxiliary is lined with red boxing glove leather in homage to Rhonda's husband Doug who is a long time boxing fan. Functionally the interior features a sleek integrated iPad sleeve, cell phone pocket and miscellaneous pocket as well as an heirloom rosary that is purposed and mounted to function as a key lanyard. 

Between meeting some great new people and building this wonderful legacy carryall, this donation/project was such a great experience for us.   In the end though, we were so pleased to be able to contribute in some small part to an organization that values the preservation and celebration of history as much as we do.


Shell Leather: Black Vegetable Tanned Water Buffalo

Strapping: Black Vegetable Tanned Water Buffalo and Horween Black Horsefront

Liner: Glazed Kid Skin

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware with Nickel Plating

Construction: Handsewn with Waxed thread

*All photos by Rachel Estes of Serendipity Photography (

**Model pictured: Joyce Watkins of Heritage Realty

***Laser Etching completed by Nicholas Dothage of Dogfish Dimensional Concepts



 A Fair Trade harkens back to a time when a leather duffle held the place of the modern day rolling carryon. Designed to accommodate a multi-day trip, yet still fit in the overhead compartment, our version seeks to capitalize  on those classic duffle elements while incorporating a bit of midwestern flare. 

From inception to completion  A Fair Trade was a monumental project. Its design was essentially to use 1 large leather rectangle to cut, fold, and hand-sew into the form seen. The shell leather is a buttery waxed horse front that will undoubtedly look better in 20 years than it does today.  The entire piece is assembled with solid copper rivets and is 100% handsewn with braided waxed thread. Aesthetically A Fair Trade steals just a little from our midwestern heritage by incorporating a classic woven blue stripe ticking for the liner and stout hair-on-hide vegetable tanned leather for its strapping.

 A Fair Trade represents many ages of style, design, and function. in the end these attributes simply make for one great looking carryall. 


Shell Leather: Horween Waxed Horsefront 

Strapping leather: Hair-on-hide vegetable tanned leather

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware

Construction: Handsewn with waxed thread and solid copper rivets

*All photos by Valerie Ouderkirk of Kathryn & Co. Photography (


The Mary

There are certain people in this world that truly lead a life of selflessness. The person for whom The Mary was made is one of them. Quiet, kind, simple, thoughtful, and practical.  Balancing these Personal attributes with bag functionality was the tricky part of this very special build.

From the initial consultation it was determined that The Mary must be classy and timeless yet function as 2 styles of bag. This was due to the owner's long time routine of carrying two bags small purse and one soft sided book tote. As we sat down to the drawing table it was determined that a doctor Bag style top closure would most effectively fulfill this criteria with the internal structure of the bag having a single divider to separate the 'purse' from the 'tote' sides. 

The liner and internal components provided the opportunity to encorporate the owner's strong sense of family and faith.  As such the liner of The Mary was built using various scraps of materials she had saved from countless sewing projects over the years. These scraps included fabrics she had used while making clothes for her children, husband, and grandchildren.  Those fabrics combined with the use of a bible cover to create the divider between sides provided just enough contrast, personality, and functionality to complete the internal of the bag.

The building of an item using details of someone else's life is always an interesting challenge. And while the joys and sorrows that people share with us can be overwhelming, learning their memories and sometimes bringing them back to life is such a wonderful experience.


Shell/Straping Leather: Horween black Dublin Horsefront 

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware

Construction: Handsewn with waxed thread and solid copper rivets

*All photos by Rachel Estes of Serendipity Photography (


The coffey

Taking the leap to purchase and renovate our new home and headquarters has afforded us the opportunity to meet many new folks. One in particular, the previous owner of the HQ, has become quite a good friend so when she approached us about creating a one of a kind carryall for her daughter we were quite excited to have the opportunity. 

The Coffey has strong roots in clean design and simple function.  Its owner is an educator in Portland, WA so its primary purpose is to act as a daily carry bag to and from school.  The one heritage item that was provided for integration was a woven baby sling that belonged to the bags owner.  With directions to keep the design and function very clean we used the fabric from the sling as the primary liner material and the brass rings of the sling  as the attachment point for the shoulder/sling strap.  

simple, durable, timeless...These were the instructions and we whole heartedly agree that the finest things in life hold true to these attributes. 


Shell Leather: Horween Brown Dublin and Horween black Dublin Horsefront 

Strapping: Hermann Oak Drum Dyed Black Vegetable Tanned

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware with Nickel Plating, Stainless Steel Collar Fastener Set

Construction: Handsewn with Tiger Thread and solid copper rivet

*All photos by Rachel Estes of Serendipity Photography (

**Model pictured: Courtney Weaver (


The Parallel

When we purchased the new HQ for B&W we knew that we were going to have to take a hiatus from active bag building in order to work on the living/studio space.  As with all projects, rehab of our new space has taken longer than we initially expected.  After nearly a year of construction and HQ renovation we are finally to a point where we can (at least for a few months) put away the work gloves and pull out the studio tools. So after much delay and patience from their owners, we present: The Parallel. 

The initial concept for this project was to build a dual purpose daily bag/motorcycle saddle bag. However, while visiting about its design with HIM, the idea was presented to build a sister bag for HER which would compliment the originally planned bag.  Hence was born the idea for The Parallel.  

The over arching design theme for his bag was one of function and hardiness in that it had to be able to stand up to the rigors of being strapped to the motorcycle and yet not look to 'saddlebagish' when carried off the bike.  In an effort to decrease the vulnerable wear areas (namely the seams) the body of the bag was created by specifically cutting and folding only 1 piece of leather. Also, the flap edges were designed to wrap around to seal the contents from road debris and also to prevent the bag from 'ballooning' when attached to the bike. To add a little more road protection it is lined with water resistant military spec tent canvas. Functionally it can be carried in both a sling and backpack position by the use of our convertible strap and little extra hardware.

When discussing her bag she too had very functional requests. It needed to have a pouch for her iPad, a pocket for her phone, and a miscellanous pocket.  Aesthetically she loved the idea of it paralleling the look of his bag with just a touch of femininity here and there.

Everything we use in our daily lives has an inherant balance of form and function.  In that vein these bags are the epitome of function; that said we really love how the look and style of these bags turned out.  If you are ever in Philadelphia keep your eye out for a couple on a black Triumph Bonneville cruising around with a brown bags in tow.  If you see them give them a big thumbs up for us. 



Shell Leather: Horween Brown Dublin 

Strapping: Hermann Oak Drum Dyed Black Vegetable Tanned

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware with Nickle Plating

Construction: Handsewn with Tiger Thread and solid copper rivets



The Climb  

Ryan and Tiffany-001.jpg

We are so pleased to introduce our latest bag The Climb. Working in collaboration with the Epsten Gallery at The Kansas City Jewish Museum of Contemporary Art, we built this bag to act as a visual representation for prospective bidders at their annual Urban Suburban Art Auction.  We are proud to donate a Legacy Carryall in support of this fine gallery. Attendees of Urban Suburban will have the opportunity to bid on collaborating to create their own Legacy Carryall during the 'live auction' portion of the event. 

Using Bailey&Watkins as the conceptual basis, The Climb seeks to visually represent the mountain that all individuals must climb when building something new. Outwardly, the shell of the bag depicts the literal and metaphorical underpinnings of what we find inspiration from in all of our bags; relationships, travel, and the journey that one must undertake to discover these constructs in life. Specifically we depict this by using swatches of textiles taken from garments worn during key events in our daughters' lives.

The liner is also a reflection of those same underpinnings. Created in patchwork style, using heirloom and contemporary textiles from our personal and business history, we sought to pay homage to the family and friends that helped to give rise to our brand and concept.

At its heart this bag shows our love and respect of the memories that we all collect throughout life. The representation of individual history combined with function and fine craftsmanship is the foundation for all Bailey&Watkins Legacy Carryalls.


Shell and Strapping Leathers: Horween Black Dublin and Horween Brown Waxed Horsefront

Liner: Various vintage and contemporary textiles.

Hardware: Solid Brass Hardware with Nickle Plating

Construction: Handsewn with saddle and baseball stitching using hand dyed and beeswaxed 6 cord Hungarian Linen Thread.



Vincent Ladesich

Vincent Ladesich

Anthony Ladesich, Mile Deep Films and Television   

Anthony Ladesich, Mile Deep Films and Television


The Anchor

Within the many milestones that mark life's passing it is often said the death of a parent is one of the most profound. For Anthony Ladesich, of Mile Deep Films, the loss of his father, Vincent Ladesich, came before he had the opportunity to truly know him.

While in film school, struggling to come to terms with the loss of his father, Anthony stumbled across an old box of 1/4" reel-to-reel tapes in his parent's basement.  From these tapes he eventually came to learn the legacy of his father as being a photographer, musician, film maker, and audio/mechanical engineer amongst many other things. Vincent's memory continues to resonate with him daily and acts as a grounding influence throughout his work as a film maker and human being.  

For this Legacy Carryall we sought to visually display the direct connection between father and son.  The front of the bag displays an etched stainless steel badge of Anthony's film company and under the front flap, directly mirroring it, is a film canister lid from Calvin Company that would have contained developed film shot by Vincent.

As Vincent's war time experiences have been so influential in Anthony's life, we utilized a vintage Navy chambray work shirt as part of the liner.  Furthermore, we were fortunate to find this particular article as it was in active Navy service the year of Anthony's birth. The gusset liner is a plaid wool scarf that at one time belonged to Vincent.  

The carryall binding is created from deadstock 1930's Cone Mills Denim. This particular piece of textile was loomed during the era of Roosevelt's WPA Program. The films and art created during the time period, as well as its connection to his fathers youth, have long been admired and influential in Anthony's film making. 


The underflap features a film makers attache' case and holster.  It was oil dyed green to reflect a particularly memorable piece of furniture that existed within Vincent's workshop. Sewn into the inside cover is Vincent's original briefcase name tag which is repurposed with Anthony's information. The case is lined with the same 1930's WPA era denim as mentioned above.

The connections made between objects and memory, as well as our senses and memory, are always amazing to uncover.  This project proved to be no exception.  As such, we were honored to collaboratively create a functional anchor to those memories. 

-Ryan and Tiffany Watkins



Shell: Hermann Oak Vegetable Tanned Cowhide; 4-5 oz.

Strapping: Hermann Oak Drum Dyed Dark Brown Vegetable tanned

Liner: -US Navy Chambray Work Shirt (Active Service from 1968-1972 aboard the USS Saratoga), Acrylic/Wool blend scarf, 1930's Deadstock Cone Mills Denim courtesy of The Great Zace Meyers Overall Co. and Meyers & Meyers

Finish/ Sealer: Handrubbed Olive Oil/Beeswax (50/50 by weight)

Stitching/Construction: Handsewn Saddle Stitch with hand dyed and beeswaxed 6 Strand Hungarian Linen Thread, Solid Copper Rivet construction

Hardware: Nickle Plated Solid Brass Hardware



The Couple Skate

Fabric Couple Closeup.JPG

When some good friends of ours made the big announcement they were expecting, we saw the potential for a stellar shower gift...a baby carryall.  From inception to completion, this was a great project that resonated for both the expectant parents and for us! 

Nick and Heather have quite an interesting history.  Meeting on the Roller Derby track, Heather an all-position player and Nick a referee, they forged a bond that would roll them into matrimony.  In representation of Nick the bag features a studded shoulder strap in reference to his years of playing in punk and indie rock bands, as well as riveted motorcycle chain master links in homage to his love for all things 2-wheeled.  Black seemed the appropriate color given Heather's quiet but fierce personality and the the Day of the Dead Toile liner seemed the perfect compliment to recognize Heather's pride in her heritage. 

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish them and their little roller skate all the best! Congratulations mom and dad!


5-6 oz. drum dyed oil tanned cowhide

Nickel plated brass hardware

Printed cotton with bonded canvas liner

Solid copper rivet construction

Hand-stitched beeswaxed 6 cord Hungarian Linen Thread


 Money Wolf Music   


When the folks at Money Wolf Music approached us about creating a case specific for transporting label merchandise we jumped at the opportunity. Through our collaboration we designed a logo emblazoned working bag that features a designated LP space, rear poster flap, internal storage compartment, band button strap retainers, detachable money bag, mounted business card holder, and, of course, built in cork screw and bottle opener.  If you are in the Kansas City area be sure to catch a show by one of the many wonderful Money Wolf Music artists and while you are there take a look at this one of kind merchandise carrier.


Custom dyed and hand tooled 4-5 oz. Hermann Oak Vegetable Tanned Leather (shell) with hand rubbed beeswax/olive oil finish

Hand Forged steel hardware and logo by Josh Helm of SEE Blacksmithing 

Natural split pig skin lining

100% handstitched black waxed nyltex thread